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Critters: A New Binge Falls Short [Review]

When the horror bug bit me as a kid, I made it my mission then and there, to consume everything I could get my hands on. I distinctly remember those films that cemented my love for all things macabre....

Critters 1986

Why Critters is an Unexpected but Highly Effective Home Invasion Movie

Critters came around at an interesting time. It’s often cited as being a total rip-off of Gremlins—and you can kind of get that from the title. But other than a montage of the little monsters engaging...

Critters 2

Why Critters 2 is the Perfect Easter Horror Movie

With so many holiday-themed horror movies, you’d think Easter would be fairly well covered, but it’s not. Compared to the wealth of pictures set on Christmas and Halloween, Easter gives us very f...