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Lake Placid: Legacy Still

Lake Placid: Legacy is a Serious Take on a Silly Concept [Review]

There are some franchises that will always continue on, no matter what. Dracula and Frankenstein have proven that they’ll be around forever, both lasting over a century. While the jury’s still out, it...

Lake Placid vs Anaconda (Unrated) [Advance Review]

You probably already know if you’re interested in the type of movie that Lake Placid vs Anaconda is. The plot is one that can most likely be summed up in the title alone and you’ve inevitably already ...

Anti Valentine's Day Films Australian horror the loved ones directed by sean bryne

Five More Australian Horror Films to Watch After the Babadook

A few days ago, we took a look at Five Australian Horror Films to Watch After the Babadook. It garnered quite a bit of attention and suggestions from readers, so we’re following it up today with five ...