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Danay Garcia as Luciana with Nick from 'Fear the Walking Dead.'

Exclusive Interview: Danay Garcia talks AMC’s ‘Fear the Walking Dead,’ Season 2.

With the conclusion of Fear the Walking Dead’s second season earlier this year, the series cascaded into an examination of death, violence, and several cultures’ unique reaction to the undead cataclys...

The Fly

Nerd Rage: Engaging Horror Movies About Science and Scientists

We typically think of horror films as being about everyday young people, stranded in a situation they have no control over. Even many science-fiction/horror films, like Alien, follow this basic model....

Day of the Dead

Why Day of the Dead Might Be the Best of Romero’s Dead Trilogy

George A. Romero’s Day of the Dead is the concluding chapter of his original trilogy. He would go on to make three more zombie films in later years that would not find as much critical success, althou...

They Live - Horror films that satirize Regan-era America

10 Horror Films That Satirize Reagan-America

When surveying history from a media-centric approach, it is too easy to fall prey to vast oversimplifications. In regards to horror cinema–-a genre that oftentimes sees fit to hold a mirror up to soci...

Day of the Dead

Day Of The Dead Re-Remake Charges Ahead With New Director

It’s widely accepted that Zack Snyder’s 2004 remake of Dawn Of The Dead is one of the greatest reboots of all time which, given what’s come before and after it, wasn’t necessar...

Doctor Frankenstein giving his creature life.

Ten Memorable Mad Scientists

One could actually say that the roots for the mad scientist character trope lay way back in Greek mythology. It seems like an unlikely garden for such a thing to grow from, but craftsman Daedalus cert...

Child's Play 3 - Threequels

Top Ten Horror Movie Threequels

The third part in any horror series is the hardest to get right and in some ways the most important. If it’s not the end of a trilogy, it’s the beginning of a franchise. It can bring things full circl...

The hit George Romero movie.

Top Five George Romero Movies

[soliloquy id=”11224″] George Romero earned his reputation as a master of horror with his very first film, 1968’s Night of the Living Dead. He has contributed more to the genre than virtua...

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