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This Sinister True Story is Reminiscent of Don’t Breathe

Don’t Breathe broke out in a major way, as a wildly original story that shocked audiences all over the world. The premise of the film was fantastic from start to finish and fans enjoyed the inte...

The Witch

Michele’s Top 5 Horror Films of 2016

Echoing the sentiment that has already been expressed by many, 2016 was a great year for horror. And more specifically, it was a great year for theatrical horror. I went to the theater more times in 2...

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Nik’s Top 2016 Horror Movies

The past few years have marked the release of some amazing modern horror films. And 2016 was no exception. We’ve seen a handful of amazing pictures put out in the past year, and we’ve also seen a some...

Don't Breathe

Advance Blu-Ray Review: Don’t Breathe is an Edge-of-Your-Seat Thriller

Don’t Breathe tells the story of a group of friends who attempt to burgle the home of a blind man. However, they get much more than they bargained for when the homeowner begins to display an almost su...

Don't Breathe

A Don’t Breathe Sequel is Already in the Works!

Wicked Horror has just gotten word that a sequel to Fede Alvarez’s Don’t Breathe is in the works. In a brief chat with ComingSoon, the director revealed that his next project will be a seq...

Don't Breathe

Brand-New Don’t Breathe Clip Is Chest-Constrictingly Tense

Earlier today we brought you the truly terrifying red band trailer for upcoming horror Don’t Breathe. Fede Alvarez’s (the Evil Dead remake) upcoming, second feature, is easily one of the most an...

Don't Breathe

Red Band Trailer For Don’t Breathe Will Give You Nightmares

Fede Alvarez’s (the Evil Dead remake) upcoming, second feature, Don’t Breathe is easily one of the most anticipated horror releases of the year, generating a serious amount of buzz on line...

Don't Breathe

Trailer for Don’t Breathe Will Take Your Breath Away

Director Fede Alvarez (Evil Dead) is back with his sophomore film, Don’t Breathe. And today, we have a chilling trailer to share with you. You can check it out for yourself in the player below! ...

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