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Why Paranormal Activity Owes Us One More Film

Seven Franchises That Could Benefit from Going DTV or VOD

Even today, terms like straight-to-video, DTV and VOD are regarded as dirty. They’re second-rate. Movies that get that kind of release are treated as failures before they even come out. We’re getting ...

Castle Freak

Seven DTV Horror Movies Way Better Than They Should Have Been

It’s been a pretty standard idea for a long time that straight to video is pretty much the bottom of the barrel for horror films. Of course, things are different now. In the VOD era, filmmakers would ...

Castle Freak

Why Castle Freak Works as a Dark Family Drama

Stuart Gordon’s first feature film, Re-Animator, was one of those rare movies that became an instant cult classic. It didn’t have a huge release. It was exhibited without an MPAA rating, but people at...

Critters 1986

Studio Schlock: Why We Needed Low-Budget Studio Horror (And Why it Disappeared)

I want to talk a bit about one of my favorite eras in horror. It’s a time that I think will sound completely alien to the horror climate we live in now, thriving as it may be. There was a lengthy peri...

Puppet Master's Blade - Puppet Master

Stream and Stream Again: Whatever Happened to DTV Horror?

I can readily admit the usefulness of the streaming era. It would be foolish of me to say that things are not more practical or are not easier now. I think everyone can appreciate the immediacy of str...