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Five VHS Era Female Directed Horror Films You Should Have Rented

Five Female Directed VHS Horror Films You Should Have Rented

The rise of the video store was a treasure trove for genre fans, and the nostalgia for VHS horror has spawned everything from documentaries detailing the primarily independent industry that helped lin...

Poppy Roe and Katie Brayben in A Serial Killer's Guide to Life

Murder is Self Help in A Serial Killer’s Guide to Life [Review]

A Serial Killer’s Guide to Life is a devilishly clever title for a horror-comedy, immediately invoking the kinds of dark, twisted thoughts many of us harbor about those irritating strangers who ...

Is It Just Me, Or Is Scream Queens The Best Thing Ryan Murphy Has Ever Done?

In this regular series, a Wicked Horror writer presents an unpopular opinion about a particular genre offering and asks the oft-repeated question, “Is it just me?” In this installment, Joey Keogh argu...