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Blade the Iron Cross

Blade: The Iron Cross is a Major Step Forward for the Puppet Master Franchise [Review]

The first great thing I can say about Blade: The Iron Cross, right out of the gate, is that I cannot believe it was shot in five days. I know that it was, because I even watched it happen. That is, af...

Puppet Master III

Why Most N*zi Horror is Terrible (Unless it’s Puppet Master III)

Horror movies about N*zis are inherently problematic because N*zis represent an evil that is in many ways the distilled essence of all bigotry. Anti-Semitic, racist, homophobic, the N*zis were all of ...

The Funhouse - Six Memorable Monsters from Unmemorable Movies

Six Memorable Monsters from Unmemorable Movies

Unfortunately, not every horror movie is a winner. There’s a lot of good out there, but there’s also a lot of bad and a whole lot that falls somewhere in the middle. Sometimes, these less than memorab...


Why Subspecies is a Perfect Throwback to ’60s Gothic Camp

Full Moon Entertainment was never known for really making movies that were “of the time.” They weren’t relevant to current cultural issues. Charles Band simply wanted to produce films similar to the R...

Puppet Master - No Strings Attached: Nine Puppet Master Movies That Never Happened - Blade in Puppet Master

Comic Review: Puppet Master: Curtain Call #3 – The Final Chapter!

Spoilers Ahead. The final chapter is here. After three years, the Puppet Master comic series has come to a close. I’m sad to see it go, I wish I could continue to get these stories from month to month...

Castle Freak

Why Castle Freak Works as a Dark Family Drama

Stuart Gordon’s first feature film, Re-Animator, was one of those rare movies that became an instant cult classic. It didn’t have a huge release. It was exhibited without an MPAA rating, but people at...

Puppet Master 4

“This is Omega:” Cyberpunk and Sci-Fi Horror in Puppet Master 4 & 5

When Puppet Master was first released, it became an unexpected hit on home video, launching Full Moon as one of the premiere DTV studios of the era. The first sequel was, in some ways, a more refined ...

Puppet Master - No Strings Attached: Nine Puppet Master Movies That Never Happened - Blade in Puppet Master

Many Strings Attached: The Troubled History of Puppet Master

Puppet Master is one of the most successful independent horror film franchises of all time. It’s spawned an action figure series, Halloween costumes, T-shirts, comic books and even a reboot from the p...

Puppet Master #20

Comic Review: Puppet Master #20

Puppet Master has not only made it to its 20th issue, its completely gone off the rails—in the best way possible, of course. This series has done some extremely inventive things with the franchise’s u...

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