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Climax is a Cinematic Headache [Frightfest 2018 Review]

Climax sees the return of cinema’s greatest self-proclaimed enfant terrible, Gaspar Noé, following the oddly un-sexy 3D extravaganza that was 2015’s Love. It’s his best reviewed film...


Angst is a Hidden Gem of Banned Cinema

For me, the most unsettling films are those that subject you to the mind of a killer and force you to follow their every move, almost as though you are an accomplice to their crimes. I first heard of ...

irreversible horror movie starring monica belluci

Irreversible – Warning! Extreme Horror.

[soliloquy id=”478″] I can see why this film is infamous for it’s distressing content. Directed by Gaspar Noé, Irreversible, is apparently still banned in several countries. As a fan...