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Irreversible – Warning! Extreme Horror.

irreversible horror movie starring monica belluci

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I can see why this film is infamous for it’s distressing content.

Directed by Gaspar Noé, Irreversible, is apparently still banned in several countries.

As a fan of shocking films, I’m always searching for a movie that will have my mouth dropping open in disbelief, and while I did find myself getting slightly uncomfortable watching one or two scenes, it wasn’t anything new, just a bit more raw and went on forever. Nine minutes on one of those scenes to be exact.

If you can deal with the camera swirling and bouncing around the action, the flashing effects (that could probably cause seizures if you have epilepsy so please beware), and the first off confusing nature of the film being told backwards, then you might like or at least admire this film for its no holds barred brutality.

The story follows, in reverse, the lives and fates of a couple, Alex and Marcus, played by Monica Belluci (The Matrix Resolutions) and Vincent Cassel (Shrek), and their friend, Pierre (Albert Dupontel). Alex and Marcus have an argument at a party that they are all attending and this sets in motion a series of events that see Marcus and Pierre seeking revenge on the streets of Paris. This lands them both inside a sado masochistic Gay club called ‘The Rectum’, a place filled with dark desires and fulfilled fantasies.

I won’t disclose the two scenes which have rocked some parts of the world but they are both pretty shocking to many movie fans to say the least.

If you have balls of steel like me (I don’t have balls but you get my drift), watch Irreversible. You just may not like humans afterwards.

WICKED RATING: 7/10  [usr 7]

Title: Irreversible


Director: Gaspar Noe
Writer(s): Gaspar Noe
Stars: Monica Bellucci, Vincent Cassel, Albert Dupontel
Year: 2002
Studio/ Production Co: 120 Films, Eskwad, Grandpierre, Les Cinemas de la Zone, Nord-Quest Productions, Rossignon, StudioCanal
Budget: Modest
Language: French, Spanish, Italian, English
Length: 99 mins
Sub-Genre: shocking, shock cinema, revenge


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