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Hannibal Recap – Season 3, Episode 13

Put your forks down, Fannibals–it’s all over. After only three short years on the air, the highly intelligent and inventive NBC drama Hannibal has come to an end. The show was often lauded...


Hannibal Recap – Season 3, Episode 10

Not to be confused with the title of last week’s episode of Hannibal, “And the Woman Clothed in Sun” brings us to episode ten of the show’s last season. With only three episode...


Hannibal Recap – Season 3, Episode 9

Females indeed seemed to rule in the latest episode of Hannibal, an aspect enhanced by the episodes’s title “…And the Woman Clothed with the Sun.” The title is also a continuat...


Hannibal Recap – Season 3, Episode 8

This week’s episode of Hannibal was met with much anticipation, at least by this viewer. Not only is the show’s storyline moving into much more familiar territory with the introduction of ...


Hannibal Recap – Season 3, Episode 7

As all you Fannibals probably know by now, the recap of this week’s episode is coming a bit later than usual. If you didn’t think the show was doomed enough after its cancellation and then...


Hannibal Recap – Season 3, Episode 6

If the last episode of NBC’s Hannibal made it seem like the cannibal’s good times in Italy were rapidly coming to an end, then the start of episode six–titled “Dolce”R...

Hannibal Recap – Season 3, Episode 5

Hannibal is now five episodes into what will probably, sadly, be its final season. The show has perhaps been moving at a much slower pace than some viewers would like, but so far the season has been t...

Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks Without David Lynch is Like…Cast Speaks out!

After David Lynch made the announcement that he was leaving the Twin Peaks revival, the cast has come together to support Lynch. Their message is clear: Without David Lynch, there is no Twin Peaks.  T...

Toxic Crusaders

Saturday Mournings: The Toxic Crusaders

In 1984, the folks at Troma released The Toxic Avenger, a rude, crude, and over-the-top take on the superhero genre done up in what would become their signature style. Some people love Troma films, wh...

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