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Ghoulies 1985

Why Ghoulies Would Have Been Better Had it Focused on Toilet Monsters [Retrospective]

I love movies about weird little monsters. Gremlins and Critters were two of my favorites as a kid. I discovered Ghoulies right in the middle of all of that and was allowed to rent the film because it...


Pint-Sized Terror: Remembering the ’80’s Obsession With Tiny Monster Movies

Horror has always tended to move in cycles and follow certain trends. The slasher obsession of the early 1980’s and the recent zombie phenomenon are two of the most obvious examples. But there are oth...


Five Bad Horror Movies That Are Still Worth a Watch

There’s a wide spectrum between good and bad in horror. Genre movies aren’t simply good or bad. There’s a lot of gray area. Some movies that aren’t as well made on a technical level still have a lot t...

Chucky Mezco Good Guy Doll

Seven of the Best Horror Collectibles Available This Holiday Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, even for horror fans, as we’ve got so many cool things, new collectibles to celebrate our favorite movies, books, TV shows, and more. I remember being a kid a...

Empire Pictures

Why Empire Pictures Was the Perfect B-Movie Company (And Why it Couldn’t Last)

Through the mid-1980’s, Empire Pictures was a company at the top of its game. It dominated the B-Movie field. The ‘80’s was known for its inherent camp and cheesiness, which was largely what helped to...