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Review: The Belko Experiment is Chaotic Fun But Its Ending Needed a Peer Review

The Belko Experiment opens with Michael Milch (John Gallagher Jr., 10 Cloverfield Lane, Hush) driving through a market in Bogotá, Columbia. Two little boys in skull masks are playing. A third boy in a...

The Darkness poster image of black handprints on a bed

Blu-Ray Review – The Darkness Has Promise but Falls Too Easily into Familiar Territory

While on a family camping trip in the Grand Canyon, young autistic boy Mikey finds five mystical stones buried underground and brings them home. However, the stones are tied to malicious ancient demon...

Wolf Creek poster. Australian Horror

Wolf Creek is Getting the Miniseries Treatment

We have just learned that the exploits of Mick Taylor will continue in the form of an Australian miniseries. This is bad news for those hoping for a third cinematic installment in the Wolf Creek franc...