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Wolf Creek is Getting the Miniseries Treatment

Wolf Creek poster. Australian Horror

Wolf Creek poster. Australian Horror

We have just learned that the exploits of Mick Taylor will continue in the form of an Australian miniseries. This is bad news for those hoping for a third cinematic installment in the Wolf Creek franchise because the miniseries will follow the events of the second film, rendering another sequel unlikely but I, for one, welcome the idea of Mick Taylor coming to the small screen. This should be a good opportunity to establish a richer backstory for the character and allow viewers to learn just what makes him tick.

According to 9News, John Jarratt will be returning as Mick Taylor. The series is being developed by Greg McLean, who wrote and directed the first and second installments in the series. The project will be produced for the Australian streaming service Stan.

The series is currently in development and is being produced by Screentime and McLean’s Emu Creek Pictures.

Wolf Creek and the character of Mick Taylor have become household names, and the opportunity to tell a rich and complex story in his world in a high-quality drama series is a thrilling creative opportunity,” said writer/director Greg McLean.

We have no word on if or when the series will be available in the states but it’s likely just a matter of time before it is picked up by Hulu, Amazon, or Netflix!

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