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Hell Fest

4 Dead, 5 Stabbed: Who Else Survived Hell Fest? [Exclusive]

Gregory Plotkin’s Hell Fest came out a month before Halloween last year, telling the permagold story of a murderer on the loose at a Halloween festival. Is it a real dead body or a prop? Only the smel...

Paranormal Activity 5 has a new name and updated release date.

New Release Date and Title Change Announced for Paranormal Activity 5

It’s been a big day for Paranormal Activity 5. The film has secured a new release date and undergone a title change. We have all the latest details after the jump, so come inside and take a look...

found footage films Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity 5 – Upcoming Horror

As much as many say they are now bored with the Paranormal Activity franchise, I’m not. I love all the movies no matter how predictable yet confusing they’ve become and I will be checking out their ne...