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Let's Scare Jessica to Death

These Seven Haunted House Movies Are Severely Underrated

Tales of haunted houses and ghost stories make up the oldest and widest subgenre in horror. Before there were any horror films, there were ghost stories. Long before Shirley Jackson wrote The Haunting...

The Changeling Horror movies that need to be remade

Why The Changeling Needs to be Rediscoverd

While there are a wealth of haunted house movies that have been released in recent years, they haven’t led to much rediscovery of older films in the genre. This is a bit of a shame. Poltergeist, The S...

Amityville II

Why ‘Amityville II’ is the Most Effective of the Franchise

The Amityville Horror may be the most infamous haunted house movie ever made. It’s tied to a supposedly true story that may never be lived down. There are new documentaries and specials airing about i...

Eight Behind the Scenes Stories That Would Make Great Features of Their Own jack nicholson in the shining.

Why The Shining is Just a Ghost Story (And Why That’s Okay)

Stephen King’s chief influence for his novel The Shining was Shirley Jackson’s classic book The Haunting of Hill House. He speaks clearly about this in introductions to the book and in interviews. Mor...

Poster for Guillermo del Toro's Crimson Peak.

What to Expect from Crimson Peak Based on the First Trailer

The trailer landed last week for Guillermo del Toro’s return to horror, Crimson Peak. Little information has been revealed about the story so far. All we have to go on is the official synopsis which s...

Poltergeist Reboot. Poster for Poltergeist. Top five Tobe Hooper films.

Five Haunted House Movies Better Than Anything from the Past 20 Years

It has experienced  recent resurgence in popularity in recent years but the haunted house movie is one of the longest running traditions in horror, dating back decades upon decades. This is a sub-genr...