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Why Deader is the Diamond in the Rough of the Latter Hellraiser Sequels

There was a time when Hellraiser was on the fast track to be the biggest, most imaginative, most sophisticated franchise of all time. The first two films are a one-two punch of not only great storytel...

Unboxing Horror Block

Horror Block Unboxing – April 2016

Nerd Block is a subscription mystery box that delivers geeky collectibles right to your door each month. You can choose whatever theme box you are into–there’s the Classic Block, Arcade Block, Sci-Fi ...

Hellraiser: Judgment - Michael Myers vs Pinhead - Hellraiser - Clive Barker Adaptations

Six Hellraiser Spinoff Ideas We Would Totally Watch

There are ample TV series on the air now that are based on or influenced by horror movies. At the same time, in theaters, we have everyone racing to turn whatever franchise they can get their hands on...

Hellraiser: Judgment - Michael Myers vs Pinhead - Hellraiser - Clive Barker Adaptations

Why Hellraiser is the Healthy Alternative to Fifty Shades of Grey

E.L. James’ novel Fifty Shades of Grey was such an enormous success that it’s making its way to the screen today. This film will surely be a major box office success. It’s being touted as a main...

Hellraiser: Bloodline

Gluttons for Punishment: Exploring the Death of the Hellraiser Franchise

Hellraiser was a great horror movie that arrived at exactly the right time. It was made at a point in the 1980’s when things were getting stale. The slasher genre had played itself out. The franchises...

Hellraiser. Pinhead is the master of torture and pain in Clive Barker's Hellraiser.

Hellraiser – Making Beauty Out of Body Horror

Hellraiser is what cemented Clive Barker as a powerhouse figure in the horror genre. It is as revolutionary and as visionary as the movies that John Carpenter, Wes Craven and Tobe Hoper used to propel...