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Horror sequels that did nothing to further the narrative of their franchise - Horror Movies Filmed in the Last Place You'd Expect

Eight Sequels That Did Nothing to Further the Narrative of the Franchise

For the most part, sequels are made because a film made money and a studio wants to keep it going. It would be ridiculous not to admit that’s usually how it starts. But there are still a lot of great ...

Nine Horror Franchises Driven by Great Female Villains

Horror movie villains are traditionally male. While there definitely are slashers where the killer turns out to be female at the end, they’re very uncommon. Even more uncommon, though, is to see femal...

Pumpkinhead - Nat's Favorite Horror Movies to Watch on Halloween

Seven Dead Franchises That Should be Revived

Franchises are a large and admittedly crucial part of the horror genre. The series that have spawned the most movies tend to resonate in people’s minds, for good or bad. Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger...

Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare

Fear and Loathing: The Weird Evolution of Horror Icons in the 90s

The 1990s were an interesting time for horror. For a while, there was a need to make everything new. To make things fresh and different. This need eventually went away, but not before leaving a lastin...

CHUCKY DOLLS - Is Child's Play the most competent horror franchise? - Child's Play 2.

Is Child’s Play Actually the Most Competent Modern Horror Franchise?

This is a bold statement, so hear me out. I’m not saying Child’s Play is my favorite horror franchise, although I certainly don’t bash anyone who regards it as such. I’m not even necessarily saying th...

A Nightmare on Elm Street - The Weird Unspoken Double Standard of Horror Movies

The Weird, Unspoken Double Standard of Horror Movies

We live in a time when Hollywood is completely and totally defined by Intellectual Property. We have more IP-based features than ever. Absolutely everything made at the studio is a franchise and if it...

Friday the 13th Movies - Friday the 13th Part II - Horror sequels better than the original

Horror Sequels That Are Truly Better Than the Original

There is a general consensus that sequels are rarely ever as good as the original. And while there are many great sequels out there, it’s still a good rule of thumb. There will always be more bad sequ...

Reasons Halloween: Resurrection is the worst

Seven Franchises That Ended on Frustrating Cliffhangers

We all love and cherish our favorite franchises. Some tell a singular story over multiple sequels, some reinvent themselves every so often, and some don’t know when to quit. But every so often, ...

Leprechaun Movies Worst to first

Worst to First: Ranking the Leprechaun Franchise

The Leprechaun franchise is often referred to as one of the worst horror franchises of all time. And it can get pretty rough to actually sit and marathon, as I have tried to do multiple times in the p...

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