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Friday the 13th Part III

Does A Number Matter? Defending Horror Sequels as an Art Form

Horror sequels are almost universally looked down upon, considered something that must be dealt with because there’s no way to overcome the inevitability of their existence. They are dismissed, more o...

Horror sequels that did nothing to further the narrative of their franchise - Horror Movies Filmed in the Last Place You'd Expect

Eight Sequels That Did Nothing to Further the Narrative of the Franchise

For the most part, sequels are made because a film made money and a studio wants to keep it going. It would be ridiculous not to admit that’s usually how it starts. But there are still a lot of great ...

horror sequels nobody asked for

Horror Sequels Nobody Asked For

Horror sequels are everywhere. They always have been. While every other filmmaking trend comes and goes, the sequel always survives. If a film is even modestly successful, a follow-up effort becomes s...

Scream 2 - original versions of horror movies that were awful

Six Horror Sequels With Subtle References You May Have Missed

Fans love to pick apart their favorite movies and franchises. There are threads upon threads of fan theories, some of them interesting, and some of them completely insane—but still interesting in some...

Saw II

Horror Sequels That Began Life as Original Scripts

Executives will do just about anything to make sure that a horror film, if it’s even moderately successful, gets a sequel. It doesn’t matter if it’s good. And it doesn’t even have to be considered a b...

Pumpkinhead - Nat's Favorite Horror Movies to Watch on Halloween

Seven Dead Franchises That Should be Revived

Franchises are a large and admittedly crucial part of the horror genre. The series that have spawned the most movies tend to resonate in people’s minds, for good or bad. Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger...

Exorcist III - Completely Pointless Sequels That Actually Weren't That Bad

Completely Pointless Sequels That Actually Weren’t That Bad

Most horror movies don’t need sequels, but of course most franchises have pointless sequels in them, anyway. It’s something that’s been true about the genre going all the way back to the beginning. As...

Five Horror Movies You Didn’t Know Had Sequels

Most horror movies have sequels. It’s a fairly common thing. Many spawn an entire franchise, some only ever see one sequel made. For every longstanding series out there, there’s a sequel that got lost...

Friday the 13th Part 2 poster

Ten Horror Sequels that Equaled or Topped the Original

Horror fans both love and hate sequels. The reasons are usually valid. Sequels are rarely made for creative reasons, they flood the market, and they make it harder for original movies to get made. But...

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