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Long Live the Yorkies: Recapping the 2nd Annual Movie Crypt 48 Hour Marathon

They did it again. Adam Green and Joe Lynch not only managed to sit down and podcast for 48 hours straight, they shattered last year’s 14,000 record for donations to Save a Yorkie Rescue by raising ju...

Horror Podcasts

Ten Narrative Horror Podcasts Guaranteed to Spook You!

This Friday the 13th saw the premiere of an adaptation of Lore, one of the best known horror podcasts in recent history. That made me think about how well the genre has adapted to this relatively new ...


Yorkies Never Say Die: Recapping The Movie Crypt 48 Hour Marathon

“My legs are whiter than the Oscars.” “I saw a butthole in that car back there.” These are some of the moments you missed if you did not tune into The Movie Crypt’s 48 hour marathon to benefit Save a ...