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Black Medusa Chattanooga Film Festival Review

Black Medusa Is A Bleak, Beautiful Vision Of Vengeance [Chattanooga Film Festival 2021 Review]

Late nights. Loud music muffled to a  thump as sweaty bodies sway. Black Medusa‘s Nada (Nour Hajri) spends her evenings in a world of dives and dance floors. Young and beautiful, she has a ready...

Danay Garcia as Luciana with Nick from 'Fear the Walking Dead.'

Exclusive Interview: Danay Garcia talks AMC’s ‘Fear the Walking Dead,’ Season 2.

With the conclusion of Fear the Walking Dead’s second season earlier this year, the series cascaded into an examination of death, violence, and several cultures’ unique reaction to the undead cataclys...

The official cover of Titan Comics' "World War X Helius."

Comic Review: World War X, Helius

Who could have guessed Earth’s requiem would be so metal?  Jerry Frissen and Peter Snejbjerg’s World War X, Helius explores the intergalactic peril of mishandling intricately-scribed boxes.  What foll...