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The Spooky Teaser For Goosebumps 2 Drops (Minus Jack Black)

The Halloween season just started early, as the  first Goosebumps 2 teaser trailer is unleashed. Prepare yourself for a very Haunted Halloween (okay, okay, the title sucks but the trailer looks pretty...


Netflix Horror Spotlight: Goosebumps (2015)

Netflix Horror Spotlight brings you Wicked Horror’s top picks for what to watch on Netflix, whether it’s the latest indie darling, a classic masterpiece or a silly slasher that deserves a bit more att...


Blu-Ray Review: Goosebumps is Great Fun for the Whole Family!

When Zach and his mother relocate to a small town, he initially misses city life. But things start to look up when he meets next door neighbor Hannah. When Zach opens a manuscript in Hannah’s ho...


Goosebumps Trailer is Here

A trailer has hit the net for the upcoming Goosebumps film. Fans of the book series will likely not be amused. The trailer is a bit generic and lacking a certain je ne sais quoi that made the children...

The scary young generation books written by R.L. Stine. Rob Letterman is directing a cinematic adaption.

Goosebumps Movie Released Summer 2015!

Children of the 1990’s and fans of horror like myself will remember the amazing R.L. Stine Goosebumps collection. Old-fashioned scary stories at their best, I could lose myself for hours in a Goosebum...

The new king kong movie skull island starring Tom Hiddleston.

Animal Kingdom- Beasts You Wouldn’t Want As Pets

Animals are cute right? Many of us get a pet to show us love and affection at any given time.  We all love a furry friend. Unless they try to eat us that is. Read on below for our top terrifying anima...