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Goosebumps Movie Released Summer 2015!

The scary young generation books written by R.L. Stine. Rob Letterman is directing a cinematic adaption.

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Children of the 1990’s and fans of horror like myself will remember the amazing R.L. Stine Goosebumps collection. Old-fashioned scary stories at their best, I could lose myself for hours in a Goosebumps book.

Now much to my delight, a full-length cinematic adaption will be coming to our screens next summer!

Goosebumps will base itself around teenage boy Zach Cooper (Dylan Minnette- Let Me In) who moves to the small town of Greenland, Maryland. Zach soon meets new neighbor Hannah (Odeya Rush- We Are What We Are) and her father, R. L. Stine (Jack Black- King Kong, Kung Fu Panda). Stine writes the Goosebumps stories and keeps the ghosts and monsters in the series locked up in his books as so to keep his fans and family safe. When Zach unintentionally releases the ghouls from the storybooks he, Hannah and Stine team up in order to put the monsters back where they came from, before it’s too late.

The movie will also star Jillian Bell (22 Jump Street), Halston Sage (Bad Neighbors), Ken Marino (We’re the Millers), Amy Ryan (Gone Baby Gone) and Ryan Lee (Super 8).

While it may be more targeted towards the new generation, which is an appropriate move as the books were meant for the younger audience, I will still be checking it out as a serious Goosebumps literature fan.

Release Date: 7th August 2015 (USA) and dates between the 6th August – 18th September for the rest of the world.

Director: Rob Letterman
Writer(s): Scott Alexander, Carl Ellsworth, Larry Karaszewski, Darren Lemke, R.L. Stine
Stars: Odeya Rush, Jack Black, Dylan Minnette
Studio/ Production Co: Columbia Pictures, Original Film, Scholastic Entertainment
Budget: $85,000,000 (estimated)
Language: English
Length: (TBA)
Sub-Genre: Adventure, Family, Thriller


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