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Why Fulci’s Zombie is the Distilled Essence of Zombie Cinema

It’s a movie of many, many titles. Over thirty years, it’s been known as Zombi 2, Zombie Flesh Eaters, Zombie Dawn of the Dead and more, but the American title Zombie—while the most simple—may also be...

Generations of Gore: Seven Movies Clearly Influenced by Fulci

Lucio Fulci left a lasting mark on fans and filmmakers alike. People are still talking about his work to this day. Movies like The Beyond and Zombie continue to see newly restored Blu-ray releases. Di...

Lucio Fulci

Gore Monger: How Lucio Fulci Helped Redefine Italian Horror

To some degree Italian horror used to dictate the landscape of American horror. The Giallo films of yesteryear, for example, paved the way for the American slasher film. Directors like Dario Argento w...

House by the Cemetery

How The House by the Cemetery Inverted the Zombie Genre

Lucio Fulci’s House by the Cemetery is, I’ll admit, my least favorite of the director’s “Gates of Hell” trilogy. But that doesn’t mean that the film is without merits, it’s just that some of the...

The Beyond

Fulci’s The Beyond is a Surrealist Masterpiece

Lucio Fulci was never a very linear director. His films—be they giallo, zombie or otherwise—rarely had anything resembling a straightforward plot. They worked despite these things, and in some cases b...

Director Wes Craven's cameo in Scream

Five Horror Director Cameos You Probably Never Noticed

Many directors are fond of appearing in their own work in some capacity or another. Given that there are plenty of people who aren’t entirely familiar with what their favorite directors look lik...

Suspiria soundtracks a beginner's guide to argento - Horror Trilogies - Horror movies that would make great haunted house attractions

Chronicling the Death of Italian Horror Cinema

There was a time, fondly remembered and not all that long ago, when Italy was the pinnacle of horror filmmaking. In the 1960’s Mario Bava helped define the giallo, a precursor to the American slasher ...

The New York Ripper

How New York Ripper Stretched the Limits of Giallo

The New York Ripper is without a doubt one of Italian maestro Lucio Fulci’s most brutal, controversial films. It has the same structure and setup as a gialli, but is very different from what we typica...

The Lords of Salem

Beyond the Beyond: Seven Modern Horror Films Influenced by Fulci

The heyday of Italian horror still influences the films of today. I think this is true beyond a shadow of a doubt. Even if the movies themselves rarely fit the tone or style of early giallo classics, ...

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