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The movie written and directed by Karl Mueller.

Mr Jones- He Has A Thing Going On

[soliloquy id=”7379″] Written and directed by Karl Mueller, Mr Jones brings gifts, and mind games. Mr Jones starts with Scott (Jon Foster- Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines) and Penny (Sa...

Poster for Nicholas McCarthy's The Pact. The Pact 2

The Pact 2 Has Secured Distribution and a Release Date

[soliloquy id=”1743″] The Pact 2 picks up a few short weeks after the events of the first film. The Judas killer is thought to be dead but when a rash of murders matching his MO begin to o...

movie The Pact directed by Nicholas McCarthy.

The Pact is So Much More than Another Haunted House Movie

Directed and written by Nicholas McCarthy, his first full length feature The Pact is an interesting movie to say the least. It opens with Nicole (Agnes Bruckner) trying to put together funeral arrange...