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Mr Jones- He Has A Thing Going On

The movie written and directed by Karl Mueller.

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Written and directed by Karl Mueller, Mr Jones brings gifts, and mind games.

Mr Jones starts with Scott (Jon Foster- Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines) and Penny (Sarah Jones- Sons Of Anarchy, Alcatraz) as they take a road trip out to a remote cabin to make documentary about nature as desired by Scott. The two end up fighting, as the documentary he has planned is less than fully formed and he begins to struggle with its direction. This does not seem promising for his relationship with Penny, a professional photographer who has abandoned her job to assist and support him on his venture.

After one of Scott’s possessions are stolen the two go on a hunt to seek it out and discover a set of elaborate, creepy scarecrows in the middle of the nearby woods. Penny recognizes them as the work of Mr. Jones, one of the world’s most mysterious and sporadic artist who gained fame after sending similar pieces out to random individual’s decades ago. When the couple realizes the recluse lives in a creepy house down the way, Penny sees it as an opportunity to make the ultimate documentary.

Delighted at their discovery of his basement studio, Scott and Penny conduct a number of interviews regarding Mr Jones and continue to snoop around his work, all the while unaware of what will come.

I wouldn’t want to say much more without giving anything away but Mr Jones is a strange and refreshing beast that’s unique, frightening and an intriguing reclusive artist, and if anything Mueller deserves credit for creativity. Director of photography, Matthew Rudenberg, came up with so many dazzling camera angles for Mr Jones, but in the last section of the film there are a lot of flashing images and experimentation in darkness which my eyes didn’t particularly like, but that’s just me.

While refreshing and different Mr Jones will stay with you in one way or another but whether it’ll be from love, hate or a headache, I can’t be so sure.

WICKED RATING: 5.5/10  [usr 5.5]

Title: Mr Jones


Director(s): Karl Mueller
Writer(s): Karl Mueller
Stars: Jon FosterSarah JonesMark Steger
Year: 2013
Studio/ Production Co: Preferred ContentPreferred Film & TV
Budget: (unknown)
Language: English
Length: 84mins
Sub-Genre: Drama, Thriller





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