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5 Isolation Horror Films To Watch While Social Distancing

Five Isolation Horror Films To Watch While Social Distancing

From being stranded in remote locations, to seemingly inescapable circumstances, or just the gradual inability to trust your own mind, isolation horror takes many forms. No matter what you happen to b...

Horror Performances by A-List Actors Misery 1990 - Horror movies with an incredibly simple premise

Seven Great Horror Films With an Incredibly Simple Premise

We tend to make fun of horror movies for being a little too simple or not containing much in the way of plot. But the fact is that some of the best horror movies of all time are among the most simplis...

Monster Movies

Seven Stephen King Adaptations That Totally Nail the Author’s Style

Stephen King is a very cinematic writer, which has led him to be one of the most adapted authors in history. He tends to take a simple premise and let it unfold in a way that only he could do. Many ad...

Funny Games

Seven Horror Movies That Will Leave You Feeling Miserable

Primarily, horror films are escapism. They’re meant to be entertainment. For the most part, they do that. We’re sucked into a worst-case scenario, but one that’s heightened and stylized so that we’re ...

Oscar - Academy Award - Best picture

Seven Horror Films That Should Have Been Nominated for Best Picture

With the Oscars coming on this evening, we’re taking a look back at horror films that should have been nominated for Best Picture and weren’t. It’s no secret that the genre has a history of being snub...

High Tension

Five Disturbingly Obsessive Horror Movie Characters

Obsession plays a large part in horror. The genre is rooted in human action and while everyone tries to maintain the balance that society expects, sometimes people go over the edge. Love and relations...

Horror Performances by A-List Actors Misery 1990 - Horror movies with an incredibly simple premise

Eight Gross-Out Horror Scenes We Can’t Help But Watch

Every horror fan has their own threshold when it comes to tolerating how far a movie goes. It comes down to personal taste. Some people can handle extreme amounts of gore, some can handle very little....

The Neon Demon - Horror Movies About the Horrors of Fame

Eight Intense Movies About The Horrors of Fame

It’s no big secret that Hollywood loves to make movies about Hollywood. There are so many good films about the obsession with fame and celebrity lifestyle, about the cold bureaucracy of the industry b...

Ranking every Stephen King Movie - Creepshow - Why the Anthology Film is Dying (And Why it Should be Saved)

From Prom to the Sematary: Ranking Every Stephen King Movie (Part 4)

We’re taking on a huge task here at Wicked Horror that nobody asked us to do. It’s massive to the point that you don’t even realize how huge until you’re right in the thick of it. That’s right, we’ve ...

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