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Why the Original Friday the 13th Is Not the Best of Its Franchise

To this day, Friday the 13th remains one of the most successful horror movies of all time. It was made for very little money, was not what people were expecting, but once it hit and people started see...

Friday the 13th Part II

Waxwork to Release Friday the 13th Part II OST on Vinyl

Waxwork Records has worked with composer Harry Manfredini to painstakingly bring the original score from Friday the 13th Part II back to life. This marks the first time the recording has ever been rel...

friday the 13th

Friday the 13th is a Timeless Classic [Retrospective]

In 1958, a couple of camp counselors that couldn’t resist their urge to make love instead of doing their job inadvertently caused tragedy to strike. While the counselors were in the throes of passion,...

Epix. the movie friday the 13th 1980 directed by Sean S. Cunningham.

Epix Plans All Day Friday the 13th Marathon

The premium entertainment network Epix is gearing up for an all day Friday the 13th marathon. With the exception of parts V and VII, and Jason Goes to Hell, the entire original franchise will be broad...