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Killer Queen Movie Review

Killer Queen Is A Low Fi Wander Through Grindhouse Grittiness [Chattanooga FF Review]

Killer Queen ‘s blood-splattered poster and lurid tagline of “She Kills And It’s On Super 8!” suggest a neo-grindhouse romp in the style of Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino,...

No Escape

Review: No Escape is a Worthwhile Throwback to the Grindhouse Days

In No Escape, a man and his family travel to Asia for a work opportunity. But almost immediately, things go awry and they are very soon in a fight for their very lives. They know not who they can trus...

Liu Jian (Jet Li) in the middle of a fight scene in Chris Nahon's martial arts thriller Kiss of the Dragon.

Kiss of the Dragon is a Fast-Paced Martial Arts Thriller

Kiss of the Dragon finds Liu Jian, a Chinese police officer traveling to Paris to work in concert with the Parisian authorities in taking down an international drug smuggler. Moments before the takedo...

Ninja Assassin is a Visceral Action Film [Retrospective]

Ninja Assassin is not a straight up horror film. It is a neo-grindhouse, martial arts action flick infused with horror elements. The stylized violence is amongst the most brutal I’ve seen from an acti...

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