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Poser Nightstream 2021 Movie Review

Poser Is A Music-Fueled Mania That Isn’t Quite The Thriller It Appears To Be [Nightstream Film Festival Review]

Poser is set in Columbus, Ohio, but the sort of indie music scene it depicts will be familiar to anyone who grew up in a moderately sized city. They all have a neighborhood where the buildings are cru...

Landlocked Nightstream Film Festival Movie Review

LandLocked Is A Low Fi Look At The Menace Of Nostalgia [Nightstream Film Festival Review]

LandLocked was one of the virtual premiers at the 2021 Nightstream film festival, and marks the narrative feature debut for documentarian, writer, and director Paul Owens. In addition to location shoo...

Name Above Title Nightstream Film Festival Movie Review

Name Above Title Is A Visually Extravagant Experimental Exercise In Neo Giallo [Nightstream Film Festival Review]

Name Above Title (AKA Um Fio de Baba Escarlate) opens with a gorgeous tracking shot. We follow a nameless young woman(Joana Ribeiro) through a raucous high end rooftop party. She wobbles in her silver...

Nightstream Film Festival 2021 Announces Program

Nightstream Film Festival Returns Virtually For 2021, Unveils Full Feature And Event Program

Nightstream Film Festival be returning to the virtual space October 7th-13th 2021. As a digital team effort between multiple well regarded regional film festivals (Boston Underground, Brooklyn Horror,...