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25 Horror Films on Netflix UK You May Not Have Seen But Should

Many Netflix users will tell you that UK Netflix pales in comparison to its US counterpart. While British streamers do not get the largest amount of horror to watch, there are still plenty of quality ...

Good Movies from Bad Directors.

Five Good Movies From Bad Directors

There are a lot of bad movies in the world and there are a lot of bad directors. This is not a secret. But they have a large output and sometimes accidents happen and directors who have no business be...

messed up horror comedy Tusk, Feature written by nicola odeku

My Top Five Horror Movies of 2014 So Far!

For almost a decade, it’s seemed as if horror movies were only great on opposite years. 2007, 2009, 2011 and 2013 were all fantastic years for genre films while the years in between them seemed to lag...

The movie Odd thomas starring Anton Yelchin and directed by Stephen Sommers.

Odd Thomas – Odd Isn’t Always A Bad Thing

[soliloquy id=”10776″] Odd Thomas is an adaptation of a successful book series by bestselling author Dean Koontz. It has a successful director at the helm (Stephen Sommers of the Mummy fil...