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31 - Rob Zombie Pinball Machine - Groucho Marx

Rob Zombie Helming Groucho Marx Biopic

Metal mega-star and horror director Rob Zombie is reportedly turning his back on all things dark and scary (kind of) to helm a biopic concerning the final days of the legendary Groucho Marx. The flick...

John Pogues, The Quiet Ones.

The Quiet Ones – English Experiments

[soliloquy id=”682″] Directed by John Pogue, The Quiet Ones, is based on true experimental events. The story in question bases its tale of terror in England 1974. Controversial Professor J...

John Pogues, The Quiet Ones.

The Quiet Ones – Upcoming Horror Movie

Like many good horror films, and personally my favorite type, The Quiet Ones, Directed by John Pogue, is inspired by a true story. An unorthodox professor, Joseph Coupland played by Jared Harris, uses...