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The Quiet Ones – English Experiments

John Pogues, The Quiet Ones.

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Directed by John Pogue, The Quiet Ones, is based on true experimental events.

The story in question bases its tale of terror in England 1974. Controversial Professor Joseph Coupland (Jared Harris- Natural Born Killers) who teaches at Oxford University gathers a group of curious students, Brian the cameraman (Sam Clafin- The Hunger Games), Krissi Dalton (Erin Richards) and Harry Abrams (Rory Fleck-Byrne) to prove his beliefs through a sick patient in what he calls “The experiment”.

Coupland believes that a mentally ill mind can essentially manifest the paranormal activity associated with hauntings and ghosts, hoping to prove this by confidentially curing Jane Harper (Olivia Cooke- Bates Motel), a young woman plagued by such phenomena with no real memory of the past for as long as she can remember.

The experiments soon make the walls bang, objects fly and strange things happen. Professor Coupland really believes he is onto something, pushing forward until they get deeper into the depths of Jane’s mind and find a mysterious mark on her body. Once the student gang start getting scared and hurt, Brian does some intense research of his own and discovers what actually might be happening, much to the disbelief of Professor Coupland.

The acting is well done by all and Olivia Cooke did a really good job in her character Jane.

The twist is also a nice touch and I didn’t see it coming until the very moment it was revealed.

The sound design was what really gave The Quiet Ones the edge it needed to deliver some real jump scares, and there’s plenty.

Overall The Quiet Ones basis is clever and the subject it was inspired from is truly interesting. The Quiet Ones is enjoyable for the most part and those who like ghosts without any gore should appreciate it in some way, but if you need to see all the action you may be disappointed over some parts.

WICKED RATING: 5/10  [usr 5]

Title: The Quite Ones


Director(s): John Pogue
Writer(s): Craig Rosenberg, Oren Moverman, John Pogue, Tom De Ville
Stars: Jared HarrisSam ClaflinOlivia Cooke
Year: 2014
Studio/ Production Co: Exclusive Media GroupHammer Film ProductionsTraveling Picture Show Company (TPSC)
Budget: (Unknown)
Language: English
Length: 98mins
Sub-Genre: True events



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