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Hellraiser II

Why ‘Hellraiser II’ Is a Surrealist Nightmare

There was a lengthy period of time when Hellraiser II was considered one of the best horror sequels of all time. I’ll readily admit that I discovered it during that time and it probably colored my exp...

DVD cover picture for Wishmaster

Why Wishmaster is Kind of a Mess (But Still Really Fun)

I remember a time when Wishmaster was thought of as one of the bigger horror icons. He was the last guy to emerge in the ‘90s as a central character of his own franchise. The guy even had his own acti...

Pinhead in Hellraiser IIi

Why Hellraiser III is an Important Entry in the Franchise

The first two Hellraisers are widely regarded as quintessential horror movies. The first has earned its place as a classic. The second may still leave some people on the fence but it is generally fond...

Wishmaster - Andrew Divoff

Wishmaster 2 is a Fun B-Movie With a Dark Sense of Humor

Wishmaster was a major release with a ton of talent involved, but wound up being a B-Movie anyway. Wishmaster 2 is a straight to video sequel that is a B-Movie from the get-go and is well aware of the...