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Phantasm: Ravager Movie 2016

Review: Phantasm Ravager

This is it. After a nearly twenty year wait, Ravager is finally here to bring the Phantasm series to a close. Franchises rarely ever truly end, but Phantasm has never been like other franchises. It’s ...

Phantasm: Ravager Movie 2016

Phantasm Ravager Finally Has a Release Date! (Updated)

We wish to preface this story by noting that Anchor Bay and Don Coscarelli have yet to confirm this statement. However, Dave Hagan (of the Monster-Mania Convention) made the announcement (via the even...

Phantasm: Ravager Movie 2016

Phantasm Ravager Pushed to 2016 (Or Later)

All has been fairly quiet on the Phantasm: Ravager front as of late. A teaser hit the net a while back after the project seemingly materialized out of thin air and then…Nothing. When the subject...

Poster for Don Coscarelli's Phantasm: Ravager.

Season’s Greetings from Phantasm RaVager

Don Coscarelli and Phantasm RaVager director David Hartman have shared a teaser for their new film disguised as good tidings for Phantasm fans. We have your first look at the newly released teaser aft...