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Frank and Zed is a Gloriously Gory Puppet Show [Fantasia 2021 Review]

There’s a recurring mini challenge on Ru Paul’s Drag Race in which the queens are tasked with making puppets of each other and then using them in a performance, typically while making inflammatory, an...

Puppet Master's Blade - Puppet Master

A Viewing Guide to the Puppet Master Series

With so many popular series in the horror genre, it’s easy for one to get lost in the madness. Though the franchise is quite prolific with nine sequels and an unofficial crossover film with the ...

The Theatre Bizarre

The Theatre Bizarre is a Series of Strange Shorts

What an apt title for this weird and not-so-wonderful anthology feature. Directed by seven different directors, including Karim Hussain who had a stab at The ABC’s of Death cinematography, The T...