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The Theatre Bizarre is a Series of Strange Shorts

The Theatre Bizarre

What an apt title for this weird and not-so-wonderful anthology feature.

Directed by seven different directors, including Karim Hussain who had a stab at The ABC’s of Death cinematography, The Theatre Bizarre is no ordinary horror movie, more so a roller-coaster ride; one you realize isn’t scary at all once you’ve actually rode it.

It all starts when a woman, Enola Penny, played by Virginia Newcomb decides to take a peek into a long abandoned theatre she stumbles upon in her seedy neighborhood. Once inside she is greeted by a man puppet in the form of Udo Kier from the original Blade movie and the legendary Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. He introduces Enola to each short with a bunch of other freaky looking puppets. This works for the film and is one of the movies strong points.

Personally I liked “Wet Dreams”. Who doesn’t like them? The ending reminding me of The Soska Sister’s ‘American Mary’.

“I love you” was a nice bloody addition with a decent twist.

There’s a lot of sub-par acting, laughable at times, even within my chosen favorites above, but each story would seem completely disconnected from the next if it wasn’t for the framework.

The other shorts, “The Mother of Toads”, was just painful to watch personally. Hop away!

“The Accident” was effective in its meaning but the least visually exciting out of the bunch.

“Vision Stains” is another I actually quite liked and one of the most original stories of the bunch.

And lastly “Sweets” is as outlandish as things could possible get, not stopping for you to take a bite for a second.

The Theatre Bizarre is a random, gory, weird, blood-soaked, ambiguous feature of madness which I’m sure will entertain a few dedicated horror fans. Even non horror fans may get a delicious kick from somewhere. Just hopefully not in the balls. Or the head.

One of my favorite parts of this movie is the ending. At least they got something right.


Title: The Theatre Bizarre


Directors: Douglas Buck, Buddy Giovinazzo, David Gregory, Karim Hussain, Jeremy Kasten, Tom Savini, Richard Stanley
Writer(s): Zach Chassler, Richard Stanley, Scarlett Amaris, Emiliano Ranzani, Buddy Giovinazzo, John Esposito, Douglas Buck, Karim Hussain, David Gregory
Year: 2012
Studio/ Production Co: Severin FilmsMetaluna ProductionsNightscape Entertainment
Budget: (Unknown)
Language: English
Length: 114 mins
Sub-Genre: Horror Anthology


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