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Why I Spit On Your Grave is a Feminist Horror Film

Horror fans are a talkative group. Everyone has their opinions and everyone comes together to discuss film and draw attention to titles that may have otherwise been overlooked. Many mainstream critics...

American Mary - Angry Planet - Revenge Movies From Around the World

Angry Planet: Great Revenge Horror Movies from Around the World

Rape/revenge is one of the trickiest sub-genres in horror. Revenge in general is a difficult motivator for the duration of a feature-length narrative. Many people have huge criticisms of the genre, an...

Katie attacks man in the bathroom in I Spit on Your Grave 2

In Defense of Rape-Revenge Films

Through some of my writings as of late, I’ve come to discover that I have a greater concern for the way women are treated in horror films. If you call me a feminist, I’ll just say thank yo...