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Day of the Dead

Day Of The Dead Re-Remake Charges Ahead With New Director

It’s widely accepted that Zack Snyder’s 2004 remake of Dawn Of The Dead is one of the greatest reboots of all time which, given what’s come before and after it, wasn’t necessar...

Interview with the Vampire

Interview With The Vampire Reboot Happening, With BIG Star Rumoured For Leading Role

Yesterday marked the fortieth anniversary of Anne Rice’s hit horror novel Interview With The Vampire, the popular film adaptation of which turned twenty just a couple of years ago itself. Aside ...

Nicole Beharie - Jacob's Ladder - Sleepy Hollow

Jacob’s Ladder Remake Adds Sleepy Hollow Vet

Deadline reports that the upcoming ‘re-imagining’ of 1990 shocker Jacob’s Ladder has just added Nicole Beharie, of TV’s Sleepy Hollow fame, to its ranks. Beharie’s charac...

Major Casting News and Updates For Upcoming Reboot Of The Mummy

Precious little is known about the upcoming Universal reboot of The Mummy (like, for example, why it’s even happening in the first place). The studio is developing a monster universe using reboo...

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