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Dawn of the Dead

Four of the Most Innovative FX-Driven Horror Movies

The 1980’s was a decade of completely innovative practical effects work. Makeup artists were actually becoming known in the horror genre. There was a sort of stardom among fans for the people who crea...

The Howling 1981

What Happened to Rob Bottin? And More of Horror’s Most Persistent Mysteries

Horror fans know a lot about horror. More than you’d think possible. We love to learn everything we can about our favorite movies and the people who made them. You’d think we’d know just about everyth...

Late Phases poster.

Exploring Why Audiences Fell Out of Love With Practical FX

In the 1980’s, makeup effects artists like Tom Savini, Stan Winston, Dick Smith, Kevin Yagher, Rick Baker and Rob Bottin were the superstars of the industry. In the 1990’s, it was KNB. Young readers o...

The Thing

Why it Took Decades for The Thing to Become a Classic

John Carpenter’s The Thing is often heralded as his masterpiece. It really is one of his best, in addition to being one of the best sci-fi horrors, one of the best body horrors, and just one of the be...