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Friday the 13th

Four Friday the 13th Spinoffs We Wish Existed

The Friday the 13th series is loaded with entertaining characters that are not hulking behemoths in hockey masks. Whether they be good, bad, or completely incompetent, those that stand out are always ...


Seven Horror Movies Where Terror Unfolds in Broad Daylight

Who says a good horror flick requires darkness? There is undoubtedly a distinctive quality to nighttime in movies, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. This list consists of seven horror g...

Halloween II 1981

How ‘Halloween II’ Was Shaped by the Early Slashers (Which Were Shaped by its Predecessor)

While Halloween II is consistent with the first and is overall a very similar film, it was made in a completely different climate and that surely has an effect on the movie itself. This was made the s...

Motel Hell Remake

Motel Hell is a Smart, Satirical Horror Movie

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is the quintessential barbecue horror movie, if such a thing exists. TCM is a benchmark in the wide spectrum of food industry horror. There’s so much horror already appare...

Friday the 13th - Jason Voorhees - Most confusing moments in friday the 13th movies

Seven of the Most Confusing Moments in the Friday the 13th Franchise

As much as we love the Friday the 13th series here—and trust me, we do—there are things you can’t help but notice as you watch these films over and over again. Things that have been long debated by fa...

Fishhooks at Dawn: I Know What You Did Last Summer Turns 25

The first time I watched I Know What You Did Last Summer was at a slumber party. I couldn’t have been more than 12 and, needless to say, I saw most of the movie from behind the sofa. As an adult, it’s...

Cherry Falls

Why Now is the Time to Revisit Cherry Falls

I’m a bit of an apologist for the post-Scream era of horror. I think I Know What You Did Last Summer is actually kind of fun and stylish; Urban Legend is a slick feature with a great cast; The Faculty...

Patriotic Horror to Binge Watch This Summer. I know What You Did Last Summer Banner Image

Teen Screams: Seven of the Most Underrated Post-Scream Slashers

The 1990s is a frequently shat-upon era for slasher movies, even though though enormous financial and critical success of Scream spawned a revival of the genre at a time when it was pretty much dead. ...

Samantha (Jocelin Donahue) at the title screen of the Ti West supernatural horror film The House of the Devil.

Why it’s So Hard to do Throwback Horror

“They don’t make ‘em like they used to.” We all know people who want everything to return to the glory days, everyone says that’s what horror needs to do to keep itself alive. Fresh ideas are importan...

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