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spawn 1997 - Todd McFarlane

More Details on New Spawn Movie Script

Talking to ComicBook.com about the just-finished script for his Spawn reboot, creator Todd McFarlane explained a few more details about what to expect from the movie, focusing particularly on how the ...

spawn 1997 - Todd McFarlane

Todd McFarlane Has Finally Finished the Spawn Reboot Script

Legendary comic creator Todd McFarlane spoke with ComicBook.com today to provide a major update on the status of his long talked about reboot of his most famous creation, Spawn.  While the character i...

The Crow Remake

Seven Horror Antiheroes Who Need to Make a Comeback

It’s pretty obvious that horror as a genre is more remembered for its villains than its heroes. Most people come to the genre when they’re kids and kids remember monsters, whether they identify with t...

Tomb of Dracula

Old-School Horror Comics That Should Make a Comeback

Horror and comics have had a longstanding relationship for many, many years. Some of the very first comics were horror stories, which make sense as the modern comic book spun out of traditional pulp n...

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