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the craft - Feminism in the craft

10 Important Life Lessons We Learned From ‘The Craft’

The Craft is an institution. Whether you were eight or eighteen when you first saw it, there was something about those four young women that made you stand up and take notice. We wanted to be them and...

the craft - Feminism in the craft

Eight Endearing Films that See Bullies Getting Their Comeuppance

Horror films and revenge go hand-in-hand. The two make a perfect combination. Many, if not most, horror fans have felt ostracized at one time or another. Our interests are uncommon and people love to ...

The Craft we are the weirdos

Nicholas Galitzine Joins The Craft Remake

The Craft remake is rounding out its cast nicely, with up-and-coming British actor Nicholas Galitzine set to join the four ladies playing with black magic at its dark heart. The upcoming flick, a co-p...

The Craft

Here’s Your First Witch for The Craft Remake

The Craft is one of the most beloved horror movies, teen movies, girl power movies, and plenty more besides, of all time. It’ll take a brave woman to tackle the material for a modern audience bu...

the craft - Feminism in the craft

New Writer Summoned for Upcoming Craft Remake/Sequel

We have just learned (via TrackingBoard) that a new writer has been brought on board to take a crack at the screenplay for Leigh Janiak’s upcoming sequel/remake to/of The Craft. The outlet repor...

New on Netflix

New on Netflix: March 3rd, 2017

New on Netflix is a weekly feature here at Wicked Horror where we take a look at the latest additions to everyone’s favorite streaming service. It can be tough sifting through all those horror titles,...

the craft - Feminism in the craft

Craft Remake Not Dead, And it’s Actually More of a Sequel!

HitFix recently spoke with Douglas Wick, one of the producers of The Craft in celebration of the film’s 20th anniversary. When the conversation turned to the previously announced redux of the fi...

The Craft

We Are The Weirdos, Mister: The Relevance Of The Craft 20 Years Later

I was 8 when The Craft first came out, which meant there wasn’t a hope in hell of my being allowed rent it from the video store. But the cover art always intrigued me, those impossibly cool Goth...

the craft - Feminism in the craft

Power Struggle: Feminism in The Craft

Historically, witches have been considered the outcasts of gender normality in society. These are women that seek independence from the stereotypes considered ideal for the female gender. The preconce...

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