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The Darkness poster image of black handprints on a bed

Blu-Ray Review – The Darkness Has Promise but Falls Too Easily into Familiar Territory

While on a family camping trip in the Grand Canyon, young autistic boy Mikey finds five mystical stones buried underground and brings them home. However, the stones are tied to malicious ancient demon...

The Darkness

Review: The Darkness Is Yet Another Snoozefest Loaded With Paranormal Inactivity

Horror movies are often (unfairly) criticised for lacking in plot. Not so with The Darkness, the latest paranormal-themed spooker currently haunting multiplexes, which has about ten different stories ...

Wolf creek directors new movie The Darkness.

The Darkness Delivers Creepy New One Sheet!

New horror-thriller, The Darkness, starring Kevin Bacon, delivers a creepy new one-sheet and we can’t wait to share it!

The Darkness poster image of black handprints on a bed

Enter ‘The Darkness’ with this Brand New Trailer!

We have a trailer debut for The Darkness, the latest offering from Blumhouse Pictures. It looks atmospheric and spooky. Fans of Insidious should find a lot to like here. You can check it out for yours...