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Blair Witch - The Woods

This Just In: The Woods is Actually A Blair Witch Threequel — Full Trailer Debuts!

Wow. Breaking news out of SDCC: LionsGate’s The Woods is actually a Blair Witch sequel called Blair Witch. The project was shrouded in secrecy until tonight when the picture made its world premi...

Rob Zombie's 31

Frightfest 2016 Announces Killer Lineup

Frightfest continues its hot streak as the biggest and best horror festival in the UK with yet another killer lineup for its 2016 event – arguably the strongest yet. Right off the bat, we’...

Blair Witch - The Woods

Why The Woods Has to Tell You It’s the Scariest Movie Ever Made

The Exorcist is pretty immediately conjured up in the collective minds of horror fans as the film that is referred to/claims to be the scariest movie ever made. But you might see a lot of titles latel...

Blair Witch Project

Is a New Blair Witch Film on the Way?

The Blair Witch Project is something of a dead franchise that just won’t stay dead. Every so often, we hear rumblings about a potential third installment or remake and then those rumors end up b...

Blair Witch Project

Blair Witch Project Doc, The Woods Debuts Trailer Announces Premiere

More than 15 years after the release of one of the most influential horror films of all time, a documentary chronicling the production of the phenomenon that is The Blair Witch Project is being releas...