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New on Netflix: July 29th, 2022

Another Friday- you know what that means! Welcome back to New on Netflix! This week’s list is a short one that features a sprit in the woods, a demon hunter, aliens and the King of Dreams. Happy viewi...

Devin Burrows

Composer Devin Burrows Talks The Music of The Wretched [Exclusive]

In horror films, nothing good is ever down in the basement. In IFC Midnight’s new film, The Wretched this definitely holds true. It might even be an ancient witch who has possessed the neighbor next d...

The Wretched 2020 Horror Movie

The Wretched Lifts Itself Up With Retro Style And A Modern Monster [Review]

You would be better off ignoring the misleading poster, trailer, and perhaps even the title of The Wretched, as they would definitely prime you to expect a different (and mostly lesser) film. Instead ...