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Cursed – Bland Moon Rising

To its credit, Cursed was plagued by production problems that went all the way up to the top. The movie we’re left with cuts right to the chase and is a fairly by the numbers, standard werewolf movie....

Poster art for Jose Prendes' The Divine Tragedies.

The Divine Tragedies Debuts a New One Sheet

A new one sheet has been made available for the Jose Prendes film The Divine Tragedies. We have the latest round of artwork available for you after the jump, so come inside and have a look for yoursel...

Poster for Christian Sesma's Lost Time.

Lost Time – Upcoming Horror Film

Lost Time catches up with Valerie after she receives extremely disconcerting news during an appointment with her physician. She has terminal cancer and little time left to get her affairs in order. Va...

Poster art for Jose Prendes' The Divine Tragedies.

The Divine Tragedies – Upcoming Horror Film

[soliloquy id=”9555″] The upcoming Jose Prendes helmed horror film The Divine Tragedies, is loosely based on actual events. It is inspired by the Leopold and Loeb murder case. The film fol...

Poster for Greg Olliver's Devoured.

‘Devoured’ Secures VOD Release Date

[soliloquy id=”7715″] The storyline of Devoured focuses on Lourdes, an immigrant mother working as part of the cleanup crew in a New York restaurant. Her only goal is to raise the necessar...

Poster for the Steven Quale disaster film Into the Storm.

Into the Storm – Upcoming Disaster Movie

[soliloquy id=”6636″] Into the Storm is an elemental thriller that pits a group of high school students against a Category 6 tornado. While trying to survive the storm, the group simultane...