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‘Devoured’ Secures VOD Release Date

Poster for Greg Olliver's Devoured.
Poster for Devoured.

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The storyline of Devoured focuses on Lourdes, an immigrant mother working as part of the cleanup crew in a New York restaurant. Her only goal is to raise the necessary funds to pay for an operation that her son desperately needs. As her son continues to grow more sickly, Lourdes discovers that there are ill-tempered ghosts living in the walls of the restaurant where she works. She quickly determines that she must leave New York and return to her son if she stands any chance of survival.

Devoured is directed by documentary filmmaker Greg Olliver and written by Marc Landau. The film marks Landau’s first feature screenwriting credit but his script is garnering praise in spite of his lack of experience. Devoured is slated to make its debut on VOD September 2, 2014. A DVD release date has not yet been announced.

The trailer looks spooky and atmospheric and the reviews I have read thus far speak positively of the film. I’m looking forward to checking this one out when it hits VOD in September.

Director(s): Greg Olliver
Writer(s): Marc Landau
Stars: Marta Milans, Kara Jackson, Bruno Gunn and Tyler Hollinger
Release: September 2, 2014 (VOD)
Studio/ Production Co: Gravitas
Budget: $1.5 Million (Estimated)
Language: English, Spanish
Length: 89 Minutes
Sub-Genre: Horror-Thriller


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