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Todd and the book of pure Evil

Todd and The Book of Pure Evil

Evil Will Rise: Todd and the Book of Pure Evil Animated Feature Will Release this Year!

The road to the release for the animated feature film based on the short-lived television series Todd and the Book of Pure Evil has been a long and storied one. But we have just gotten word of an upda...

deathgasm - Zena’s Top Five Horror Films of 2015

Deathgasm [Advance Review]

Heavy metal and horror seemingly go together like blast beats and tremolo picking, but outside of Cannibal Corpse album covers we don’t really have a ton of great works that combine the two. The TV sh...

Logo for Portal to Hell.

Roddy Piper Gears Up to Open the Portal to Hell

Portal to Hell will be directed by Vivieno Caldinelli and written by Matt Watts. It will star They Live’s Roddy Piper and has already attracted executive producers Todd Brown (ABCs of Death) and...

Todd and the book of pure evil, one of several Genre themed series that were cancelled too soon

Genre Themed Series that Were Cancelled too Soon

[soliloquy id=”5336″] In a reality where ratings dictate how much a network can charge for ad revenue, ratings are everything. Network executives frequently don’t care that a show is gradu...