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horror sequels nobody asked for

Mutant Snowmen and CHUDs Named Bud: Horror Sequels Nobody Asked For

Horror sequels are everywhere. They always have been. When every other kind of horror movie comes and goes, they survive. If something is even remoltely successful, it will usually get a sequel. And t...

The Mangler - Stephen King adaptations that didn't work..

Beyond Freddy: Ten Great Robert Englund Performances You Might Have Missed

Robert Englund will always be best known as Freddy Krueger. There’s really no way around that. He helped to create one of the most original, most iconic villains in cinema history. But outside the fed...

the craft - Feminism in the craft

10 Life Lessons We Learned From The Craft

The Craft is an institution. Whether you were eight or eighteen when you first saw it, there was something about those four young women that made you stand up and take notice. We wanted to be them and...

Behind the Mask

Seven Found Footage Movies That Don’t Get Enough Credit

Found footage movies generally get a bad rap. Everyone tends to complain about them, pointing out how overused and terrible the format is when, in reality, the found footage craze is, for all intents ...

Bottom 5: Worst Of Frightfest 2016

Even the best festival line-ups have their duds, but in the case of Frightfest 2016, there were very few outright stinkers to rage over. It was an incredibly strong schedule overall, replete with soon...

Top 5: Best Of Frightfest 2016

Frightfest 2016 was a year for discovering new favourites, rather than drooling over big-name titles. After The Woods was removed from the line-up, the biggest draw was probably 31, which is odd consi...


Creepy Crawlies: Bug-Themed Horror Movies That Get Under Your Skin

Insects have always been a major subject in horror. No matter the subgenre, even at their best, directors never ignore the opportunity for a good bug scare. And that’s simply because people have alway...

Remakes that are better than they are made out to be

Second Helpings: Eight Remakes That Are Better Than They’re Made Out to Be

Remakes are everyone’s favorite go-to conversation topic when they want to be really angry. They’re the number one thing in horror that people get the most aggressive about. And I’m starting to notice...

Nina Forever

5 Great Rom-Zom-Coms (That Aren’t Shaun Of The Dead)

Shaun Of The Dead was released a whopping twelve years ago, this year, and in its wake there have been many, lesser pretenders to the throne – hell, the flick coined its own sub-genre, the lovin...

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