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5 Great Horrors You May Have Missed Last Year

2015 was an exceptional year for horror. From found footage to creature features to comedy-horror hybrids, we were spoiled for choice with what to watch. The flip-side to this, of course, is it’...

Anthony DiBlasi Last Shift

Joey’s Top 5 Horror Movies Of 2015

2015 has been a remarkably good year for horror; from festive fare (Krampus) to anthologies (Tales Of Halloween, A Christmas Horror Story), creature features (The Hallow, Stung), found footage (Unfrie...

Michael Jackson Thriller

Top 10 Horror-themed Music Videos

Music videos are a mixed bunch. While a lot of them are nothing more than lip syncing and fish eye lenses, some artists go above and beyond. At one point in time these were the major selling points fo...

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